Install django-dynamic-forms into your virtual environment or you site-packages using pip:

$ pip install django-dynamic-forms

If you already use the wheel package format you can use the wheel build:

$ pip install --use-wheel django-dynamic-forms

To make django-dynamic-forms available in your Django project, you first have to add it to the INSTALLED_APPS in your If you are unsure where to put it, just append it:


To make Django aware of the dynamic forms while processing the requests / responses you need to add the FormModelMiddleware to the list of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES. The best place is probably at the end of the list. If your forms are not shown please refer to the known problems section of the documentation:


Finally you have to update your database. If you use South you need to run:

$ python syncdb
$ python migrate

otherwise, if you don’t use South, you have to run:

$ python syncdb

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