class dynamic_forms.views.DynamicFormView

Instantiates an empty dict self.action_results that takes the return values of every action that is called, unless the return value of that action is None.


If the dynamic_form_store_database action is active for the current form, include the display_key for the newly created data set.

class dynamic_forms.views.DynamicTemplateView

If a display_key query parameter is given and the key belongs to a FormModel that has allow_display=True, add the data to the normal Django TemplateView context.

class dynamic_forms.views.DynamicDataMixin
slug_field = u'display_key'


slug_url_kwarg = u'display_key'


template_name_404 = u'dynamic_forms/data_set_404.html'


class dynamic_forms.views.DynamicDataSetDetailView
model = <class 'dynamic_forms.models.FormModelData'>

The FormDataModel

template_name = u'dynamic_forms/data_set.html'