Form Fields

class dynamic_forms.forms.MultiSelectFormField([separate_values_by='\n', **options])

Provides multiple choice field storage for string objects without limiting the total length of the string.

Parameters:separate_values_by (str) – The string used to split the input value into its choices. Defaults to '\n'.

See also

The respective database field as part of django-dynamic-forms dynamic_forms.fields.TextMultiSelectField. The core form field arguments and the specifics for the django.forms.MultipleChoiceField.


The implementation is based on but has been modified to the needs of this project.


class dynamic_forms.forms.FormModelForm(model[, *args, **kwargs])

Returns an dictionary sorted by the position of the respective field in its form.

Parameters:exclude_missing (boolean) – If True, non-filled fields (those whose value evaluates to False) are not present in the returned dictionary. Default: False